Zenlife Wholesale Agreement

Zenlife by. Gosaproject will provide Wholesaler with the opportunity to sell Zenlife line of yoga mats, accessories and apparel (“Products”) solely to retail end users from Wholesaler’s retail store.

AGREEMENT Wholesaler will provide a certificate of tax exemption to obtain wholesale pricing. A suitable exemption certificate is required for each jurisdiction to which Zenlife by. Gosaproject  product is shipped. Sales tax will be charged unless tax exemption documentation is presented and valid. In the event of an audit, Wholesaler is expected to respond promptly. The tax burden will shift from Zenlife by. gosaroject to the Wholesaler if proper documentation is not received. Minimum first order subtotal value must be greater than or equal to $252. Gosaproject will fulfill received orders of available Products requested via email, telephone, or Zenlife by. gosaroject wholesale (B2B) website. Zenlife by. gosaroject will stand behind the quality of Products and is responsible for replacing any defective Products sold to Wholesaler. Documentation of defect must be provided upon request. Zenlife by. gosaroject will ship all orders via a preferred carrier, unless other arrangements are made and approved by Zenlife by. gosaroject. Orders must be sent to physical shipping addresses (no PO Boxes). Orders shipping to Alaska or Hawaii cannot ship via ground or home delivery service and must be expedited. Wholesaler responsible for all shipping charges including charges associated with multiple shipments as needed. Zenlife by. gosaroject will ship all orders within two business days of receipt of payment for all available Products, unless other arrangements are made. Zenlife by. gosaroject will not accept returns on wholesale orders, unless Products are defective. All defective products must be returned in new, unused condition. Defective status to be verified by Zenlife by. gosaroject upon receipt of returned product. Wholesaler will provide credit card to be charged for all orders at the time of purchase, unless pre approved terms have been established.

Wholesaler will handle ALL exchanges and returns directly with their customers. It is the sole discretion of the Wholesaler as to whether they will allow exchanges/returns on non-defective Products for their customers. Wholesaler will be responsible for collecting and remitting required sales tax on all sales to Wholesaler’s customers. Wholesaler acknowledges receipt of Zenlife by. Gosaproject current Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy. Wholesaler will represent Zenlife by. Gosaproject Products according to  Zenlife by. Gosaproject   brand standards as communicated to Wholesaler from time to time. Wholesaler will not ship or sell Products outside of the United States of America, without express written consent from Zenlife by. Gosaproject. Wholesaler will make all sales of Products to retail end users and will not re-sell Products to other resellers, dealers, or distributors in a “wholesale” manner. Wholesaler will not resell Products to liquidators or to other parties in a “liquidation” manner. Wholesaler will not sell Products over the Internet without the express written consent of Zenlife by. Gosaproject in its sole discretion. If granted permission, Wholesaler must abide by Zenlife by. Gosaproject Online Brand Standards as communicated to Wholesaler from time to time, and must provide all other names by which Wholesaler operates (including names used on eBay, Amazon, etc.). Zenlife by. Gosaproject restricts all online selling through third party websites such as Amazon, eBay, etc.  Zenlife by. Gosaproject  ,in its sole discretion, reserves the right to designate an account as inactive after 12 months of no activity. Accounts can be reactivated upon request by Wholesaler. Zenlife by. Gosaproject , in its sole discretion, reserves the right to discontinue doing business with any reseller not fully abiding by this Agreement.