About Us

Our company was born in Miami - Florida USA in 2015, passionate about the world of yoga, we develop products to serve this market with the highest quality standards. Over the years, thanks to the suggestions and requests of our clients, we have been expanding the portfolio with products for the home with the same environmental commitment and quality. Today we are a manufacturer of sustainable products that are included in the wellness routine of people's health and home cleaning. 



Our company is dedicated to the manufacture of sustainable products, with the aim of having a full, balanced home without the risk of any type of toxins for the well-being of the members of our family, including our pets. We know that we depend on the well-being of mother nature to exist and in return we know that taking care of her is our duty, for this reason we consciously think about each of the ingredients that are part of every single creation and thanks to our group of professionals we make this a reality .

Our commitment demonstrates the urgency of preserving the environment while encouraging customers to make environmentally conscious purchases.